Floral Design Workshop at the Rawlings Conservatory

The Rawlings Conservatory has turned into one of my favorite venues in Baltimore. Any nature lover owes it to themselves to pay a visit and walk through the greenhouse and gardens. It was such a treat to host a workshop there this past Sunday. I learned that the Rawlings Conservatory is the 2nd oldest buildings of it’s kind in the US.


We had the best of fall flowers. I choose jewel tones with pops of peach and orange. It always amazes me how different each design will turn out even though everyone is using the same materials. There were dahlias, mums, stock, amaranth, thistle, basil, sedum, celosia, and even my new favorite carnation. Why do carnations have such a bad rep?! #carnationnation


Thanks to the Rawlings Conservatory and the Friends of the Rawlings Conservatory for having us!


Venue: Rawlings Conservatory

Local Flower Farms: Hillen Homestead, Butterbee Farm, Clear Ridge Nursery