A Tallship Thanksgiving - Tablescape Design

This was quite possibly one of the most fun projects of 2018. We were asked to design a Thanksgiving tablescape for our client’s Baltimore row home. It all started when our client sent us this link to view her home and we found this…

I just about died. It is so gorgeous! Once I came back to life, I set out to work on the inspiration board. The instructions given to us were to use pumpkins, eucalyptus, and flowers, of course. We called the design, Tallship Thanksgiving, paying homage to the focal point painting in the dining room. As a lover of all things nautical, this was right in my wheelhouse!

For the design we wanted to use a lot of texture. We started the base of the tablescape with a navy blue cheesecloth table runner. We placed various sizes of cream colored pumpkins down the runner, and we also spray painted a few gold for a gilded touch. We incorporated drift wood to carry on the nautical theme.

Look at these goodies!


The floral arrangements were in mercury glass compote vases and included garden roses, thistle, bleached ruscus, eucalyptus, and the star of the show, toffee roses. We then placed silver dollar eucalyptus along the table runner. Our client provided brass candle holders with navy candle sticks, as well as the chargers, napkins, and napkin rings.


Et Voila! The table comes to life!

Who wouldn’t want to gather around that table for Thanksgiving?!

Floral Design Workshop at the Rawlings Conservatory

The Rawlings Conservatory has turned into one of my favorite venues in Baltimore. Any nature lover owes it to themselves to pay a visit and walk through the greenhouse and gardens. It was such a treat to host a workshop there this past Sunday. I learned that the Rawlings Conservatory is the 2nd oldest buildings of it’s kind in the US.


We had the best of fall flowers. I choose jewel tones with pops of peach and orange. It always amazes me how different each design will turn out even though everyone is using the same materials. There were dahlias, mums, stock, amaranth, thistle, basil, sedum, celosia, and even my new favorite carnation. Why do carnations have such a bad rep?! #carnationnation


Thanks to the Rawlings Conservatory and the Friends of the Rawlings Conservatory for having us!


Venue: Rawlings Conservatory

Local Flower Farms: Hillen Homestead, Butterbee Farm, Clear Ridge Nursery

Save-the-Bouquet Day!

I am an event florist without a retail shop. As such, I only order flowers when I have booked events. Makes sense, right? Here's the thing, though, I have this tendency to over order for said events. I do this for a few good reasons but also as a bad habit. Every time this happens I have this song playing in my head....

Brittany Spears' banger hit "Oops! ...I Did It Again." I highly recommend the video if you have the time and want to remember better days. Simpler days. Days when videos mattered, and all you had to worry about was where you could buy that lip gloss. I digress.

My tendency to over-buy led me to start "Save-the-Bouquet Day!" 

Save-the-Bouquet Day is when I whip up mixed bouquets and deliver them to you or your loved ones on the cheap. Why? I'd rather have them in your house than mine. Everyone loves fresh flowers. And delivering to you is fun. 

Why so cheap? The stems are a few days old so might not last very long. They also may have a few defects. But I want them to live their best lives in the few days they have left. 

How can you find out about Save-the-Bouquet Day?  Join our email list or follow us on instagram.  

The Inagural Save-the-Bouquet Day!  February 18, 2018

The Inagural Save-the-Bouquet Day!  February 18, 2018

Our first Save-the-Bouquet Day customer, Dorian!

Our first Save-the-Bouquet Day customer, Dorian!

Everyday Rosé - The Beginnings

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.
— Reid Hoffman, Founder of Linked In

I love that quote about starting a business. I am not particularly embarrassed by my first workshop, but so much has changed since then. The point is, I started something. 

Many people ask me how? And why?

Well, it all started during a particularly creative mercury retrograde. I was attending a Bikram yoga class. As is usually the case for me in yoga, my mind was going a million miles an hour. Also all my chakras were aligned, and I was looking out of my third eye ...you get the point. During that particular class I was thinking about how I wanted to work with flowers. Then I started to wrap my head around the idea of workshops. Floral design in bars and restaurants. Like a wine and paint night! Like wine and paint but better! Because #flowers, duh. Something inside of me clicked, and I thought, "I could ACTUALLY DO THIS!" 

I spent the summer of 2015 scheming and planning and researching and networking and visiting flower farms and talking to friends and drinking rosé. Ah yes, the rosé was plentiful that summer. My first workshop was on August 12, 2015. My friends showed up to support me in a HUGE way. I think I spent so much time planning the details that when it came to the actual instruction part I muttered something like, "Uh, flowers ...pretty ...cut ...put in vase." Nonetheless, Everyday Rosé had launched, and I was so happy I cried. That's me, crying, in the bottom left.

This summer will be Everyday Rosé's third year. We've gone from workshops to flower bars to weddings and more. The little idea I had during that fateful Bikram class has changed and evolved, and I can't wait to see what another year will bring!   

August 12, 2015 - Chaser Bar - Baltimore, MD

August 12, 2015 - Chaser Bar - Baltimore, MD

Locally sourced flowers from Butterbee Farm and Hillen Homestead

Locally sourced flowers from Butterbee Farm and Hillen Homestead