Brooke Nicole Creative Photography

Brooke Nicole Creative Photography

Mallory Kwiatkowski - Owner and Designer

Flowers make people happy. Rosé makes people happy. I love flowers, rosé, and making people happy. I founded Everyday Rosé as a way to bring these three things together and share the satisfaction I find in creating floral designs with others.

As fate would have it, flowers are in my blood. The root of my last name - Kwiatkowski - means "flower" in Polish. Somewhere along the line, my great great great great great grandfather was a flower peddler or flower farmer or maybe a florist to some royal family. The details are lost, but the passion for all things floral is still strong. 

So due to a desire to follow a dream and encouragement from our family history (as well as some sappy inspirational quotes on my Instagram feed), I started Everyday Rosé Events with my first workshop on August 13, 2015. Since then the business has evolved from workshops and flower bars, to include wedding and event planning services. I love capturing the couple’s personality in my arrangements. My designs are always unique, and no wedding, workshop, or flower bar is ever the same.  

I’d love to hear from you to discuss an event, wedding plans or see you at one of my upcoming workshops. Let's make pretty things and share a glass of wine!